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Welcome to, home of Jeff Callaway's debut solo CD, "By Landlord's Request"

After years of struggle and inexorably frustrating progress, this album is FINALLY COMPLETED and is in the can and will be released as a single electronic album OR as a 2 CD set, featuring 2 decades worth of historical musical performances from a wide variety of groups including the Kudzu Kings, The Sincere Ramblers, Afrissippi, The Neckbones, Duff Dorrough and Jim Dickinson, among many others.

Also available soon will be "That Wuz The Mo'tet", featuring the full-length versions of the original jazz selections which appear on "By Landlord's Request" (which are edited for radio play.)

Sorry, but we are no longer taking pre-orders for this album. Seriously, you had 5 years, what were you waiting for?